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Secondary Market Service


Expedite the monetisation of your investment in equity holdings as a seller, or gain an opportunity to invest in a business which has limited liquidity, as a buyer


Secondary Market

Private companies who have raised capital in the past, often have Shareholders who are looking to sell down some or all of their holdings. Outside of Listing on an Exchange, the pathway way to a liquidity is often unclear or unknown.


WI Capital provides a simple and efficient process for matching sellers to potential buyers through our Secondary Market Service platform.



worth of shares transacted

through the Secondary Market Service since inception

Benefits of listing your investments on our Secondary Market Service


Liquidity for shareholders
and employees

Shareholders can sell some or all of their shares, realising the value of their investments in private/unlisted companies.


Simpler, quicker corporate governance

The process ensures that the funds transfer and the share transfer process is smooth and easy. 


Access to a diverse investor network

Access 30,000+ Leading Venture Investors from Australia, NZ, ASEAN and UK. Increase your investment visibility by listing your share offer on our leading and innovative platforms. 


Cost and time

Our platform focuses on making it easy, less expensive and more convenient for founders/shareholders to seek exit options for their investments/ holding.


Assistance with the process

We are there to assist and guide you to simplify the share sale/purchase process with minimal stress, inconvenience or delay.


The 3 P's Program

With our 3 P’s program - a method designed to optimise and boost your Investor reach for liquidating your shares in private companies through secondary sales.


Clientele Testimonials

Thanks for a wonderful service!

WI Capital was always available when needed to answer queries and resolve any concerns I had in a friendly, astute and professional manner. I found the whole process of investing on the Secondary Service Platform to be straight-forward and clear and I felt supported and guided throughout the whole process. Couldn't recommend WI Capital enough!
5 stars.”

Jonathan Swan
 Investor on Secondary Market Service Platform

The shares purchase and transfer process was quite easy and very well explained by a WI Capital representative. The information material of the Company and webinar were very helpful in my decision to purchase shares. I greatly appreciated the courtesy, professionalism and expertise displayed by all staff involved in the process. The process itself is excellent and allowed for secure transfer of funds and shares.”

Anthony Booth
Investor on Secondary Market Service Platform

Thank you WI Capital for your assistance throughout the process. Your timely responses and professionalism were greatly appreciated."

Confidential (Seller),
ex shareholder of Surf Lakes Holdings

Business Meeting

Our approach to issues within Secondary Markets



Liquidation of shares for an existing shareholder of a private or unlisted entity is limited. Since the shares are not listed on the Stock exchange free trading of these shares is not possible.


Our Solution

The founders/shareholders/employees looking to monetise their investments in private companies can engage WI Capital to list their opportunity on their Secondary Market Service Platform for liquidation.


Transparency and Governance

Publicly traded investments, offer investors multiple layers of data, including third-party research and company financials. Whereas private markets traditionally do not offer as much data for investors - there is generally a lack of information about an asset’s performance, its financials, and data to support the valuations


Our Solution

WI Capital provides an efficient, cost-effective and secure process for companies and investors to complete a Secondary Market sale.


Restrictions to sale

Private companies’ shareholders can be bound to a Shareholders agreement which may restrict a shareholder from selling their shares to an interested investor through the Secondary Market.


Our Solution

With more than 12 years of experience in providing end to end solutions, we are well equipped to advise our clients on the approvals required as per the shareholders agreement or the regulatory body. 

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