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Sustainable Fintech Fund

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Startupbootcamp, the world's largest industry-focused accelerator, is proud to announce the launch of its new Sustainable Fintech Fund. This $5,000,000 fund will be deployed over a three-year period to invest in 30 global startups focused on one of the largest issues of our time: bringing and driving sustainability in finance. Having already built a portfolio of over 1,000 startups globally, the Sustainable Fintech Fund is built to derisk the sometimes risky process of early-stage startup investment.

Having started in 2009 in Europe, Startupbootcamp (SBC) has now accelerated over 1,000 startups through our programs around the world. Importantly, in an industry where 90% of startups fail, 76%of Startupbootcamp's global portfolio is still active. SBC has a proven track record of ensuring our startups succeed and stay successful for years to come.

Key Fund Terms


  1. Accelerator-powered returns: The Fund will invest only through SBC’s Fintech accelerator program, rated as one of the world’s top accelerator programs, generating a portfolio of $127M in the last three years.

  2. Exclusive deal originating & investment management process: Startupbootcamp’s Fintech accelerator program has visibility on over 10,000+ startups per year.

  3. Stellar track record with notable global exits: SBC boasts of international exit success with companies like Sunrise (Microsoft), The Eye Tribe (Facebook), and Relayr (MunichRE) with total funding of more than $2B across 1000+ portfolio companies. Locally, it has also seen $100M+ invested into its portfolio since 2018.

  4. De-risking startup investments: SBC’s in-house deal sourcing team and its top-rated tech scouting platform, backed by powerful AI, funnels from a large pool of companies to curate ten startups each year through a multiple-level deep screening process against preferred trends and themes mentioned in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

  5. AI-powered tech: The Fund will utilize its advanced technology resources and global deal sourcing network with proprietary business process automation technologies (BPAs) and AI tools to optimize the selection and process management, including performance monitoring, decision-making, and more efficient use of resources.

  6. Pre-seed stage investment focus: Most VC funds invest in the Seed Round, Series A, or beyond. The Sustainable Fintech Fund will focus on investment at an earlier stage (Pre-seed stage). While this can increase risk, more than 75% of SBC’s global portfolio is still active and generating larger rewards for investors in the long term.

  7. Extensive global reach with strong partners: SBC is one of the world’s largest industry-focused startup accelerators with over 180+ partners across the globe, including blue-chip partners Airwallex, Bupa, Australian Super, Capgemini, EY, DiUS, and AWS, among others.


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