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Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Wholesale Investor has entered into a strategic partnership with Hatcher+ (a leading data-driven global VC) to launch H&WI ANZ Fund. The Fund is targeting to raise $10M with strategy to invest in early stage venture fund -circa 50 Australian/NZ start-ups, with funds reserved for international start-ups. H+WI ANZ Fund is a closed ended fund with investment term of 8 years extendable by two extensions of 1 year each.

Hatcher+ is a venture fund manager that uses AI and deep learning to build the world’s largest, most diversified venture portfolio to provide investors with risk-mitigated index-style returns. Wholesale Investor operates a global deal marketplace connecting investors to deals underpinned by a deal marketing, deal management and data analysis platform.



  • Capital growth potential - potential for significant growth in the short, medium and long term. Wholesale Investor clients success includes 8 Achieving Unicorn status and 64 Exits via IPO and M&A

  • Exclusive Deal Originating and Investment Management Process - Combined, the 2 companies have visibility of 10,000+ start-ups per year. H&WI has renowned deal sourcing capability with proprietary business process automation (BPA) technologies and artificial intelligence-based filtering tools. These unique solutions improve venture onboarding, selection, and process management, including performance monitoring, enable a higher quality of decision-mining and more efficient use of resources

  • Large, diversified portfolio – Though small portfolios sometimes out-perform - proprietary research shows that most small portfolios fail to beat the Nasdaq. Conversely, large (>1000 investments) portfolios deliver consistent, robust returns.

  • Early-stage investment focus – Evidence from research into over 600,000 transactions shows early-stage investments, while difficult to access, deliver consistently better cash-on-cash returns, assuming a large, well-diversified portfolio.

  • Accelerator powered returns - The fund shall only co-invest with incubators, accelerators, VCs with the proven track records and processes.

  • Ecosystem empowered – The combined ecosystems of WI and Hatcher+ provide a platform to access future capital, trade and international networks for accelerated growth and navigating the typical challenges early-stage companies face

  • Skills and experience - access to the investment management expertise of the Trustee and Investment Manager.


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